Photo Credit: Amy Shutt of Amy Shutt Photography

Photo Credit: Amy Shutt of Amy Shutt Photography

A native of New Jersey, I have called Louisiana, specifically Baton Rouge and New Orleans, home since 2006. Although South Louisiana is home, I travel often to the beautiful (and photo op rich) country of Belize. I am an amateur photographer but my love of photography runs deep.   

I begged for and received my first camera in kindergarten.  Since then I have loved taking pictures.  Every time I flew home from college at Florida State University, I would buy a travel magazine, pour through the pictures while on the plane, and then, upon my arrival in Philadelphia, announce that I wanted to be a travel photographer when I "grew up."  Needless to say, my parents were not so receptive to the idea of me abandoning my other dream of becoming a Mergers & Acquisitions attorney.

Fast forward about 20 years. I fulfilled my dream of being a Mergers & Acquisitions attorney long ago. I also fulfilled another dream of becoming a Professor of Law. But my college dream of taking pictures with a "real camera" (aka, a DSLR) went unfilled until early 2015. While taking iPhone pictures of a beautiful Belizean sunset, I met a photographer who said I had "a fire in my eye" for photography.  So I returned to the United States, bought my first "real camera" (a Nikon D5500), and then promptly signed up for lessons as I had no idea how to take pictures in manual mode!  My photography teacher, unaware of my college dream, said, "You should be a travel photographer," and she encouraged me to start a website and a blog.  So here I am!  

I hope that you enjoy my site.  I also hope that my story reminds you to never forget your dreams.   


Happy Sunsets, Love, and Wanderlust!